Are You Being Forced To Buy Flood Insurance?

Do You Want Your Money Back?

Boundary Consulting Experts, LLC is putting on a series of education seminars throughout Connecticut related to Flood Insurance and Elevation Certificates.† If you are interested in attending one of our seminars, please send an e-mail to, and we shall be certain to notifiy you when we hold our next seminar.

Are you interested to know where your property boundaries are but are not sure what options are available to you?

Click on the document title and read about the various options Boundary Consulting Experts, LLC provides to our clients who are in this situation.

Stake-Out Survey vs. Property Boundary Survey

Boundary Consulting Experts, LLC is a New Britain, CT. professional land surveying firm which offers land surveying services to those who require the knowledge and skill that can only be offered by an experienced, professional land surveyor.† Boundary Consulting Experts, LLC uses modern surveying equipment and software, but relies on old-fashioned experience and know-how, to provide a reliable, legally-defensible, professional opinion as to the location of boundaries.

If you have questions, or are uncertain if you require the services offered by Boundary Consulting Experts, LLC, refer to the FAQís page of this website, or contact our office at 860-826-2900, or via e-mail at

BCE's Mission: Mission Statement:† Boundary Consulting Experts, LLC is committed to providing timely, professional land surveying services which satisfy the business needs of our clients.Jason G. Racette BIO

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