Why are land surveys necessary?

Land surveys are important and are made for several reasons. They can be made to determine the correct location of land boundaries with respect to deed descriptions. They can also inform you of the area of the land described, and any physical encroachments onto the property, or onto any adjacent property. They may also establish new lines dividing your land into smaller parcels, or represent the topography of the land.

Types of surveys can include:

  • Boundary Survey: locates the exact corners and boundary lines of a given parcel. Set/reset missing markers as needed.

  • Topographic Survey: locates topographic features (natural and man made) such as buildings, fences, elevations, slope of the land, streams, inland wetlands, etc.

  • Subdivision Survey: divides land into smaller parcels or lots, with proper monumentation and survey map for recording on the land records.

  • Construction Survey: layout of roads, buildings, pipe lines, etc. for construction, grading, and all other site development work.
Property Survey: to assist banks or other lending institutions prior to the issuance of a mortgage. Shows location of all buildings, easements or right of way, and encroachments by fences, walls, driveways, structures, etc., along with lines of occupation.

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